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Explorations in Creating Art

Creating Art

  What makes Art something special? I have been exploring mediums and styles to find the answer. Ideally, Art is something that others can appreciate, and I am still trying to discover the secret. At least I was until just recently, when it struck me that my best work is produced when the subject has a special meaning for me. If my work resonate's with others, all the better. Of the images below, "The Bird" was made at the suggestion of another. "The Lady in Ink" was a doodle made on an envelope during a work class that I was attending. I have become stuck on "The Bird" and have yet to complete this painting. -Beth The Lady in Ink Lady in Ink on a Tote Bag
bird, Robbin, cute bird, acrylic painting of a bird
The Bird
ink drawing, classic lady, lady in a dress, lady wearing a hat, dress and hat, blue ink, highlighter, blue and yellow
Lady in Ink
Christmas card, photo card, zazzle.com, zazzle, customize, greeting card, add photo, blue, snowflake, snow flake, snowflakes

Zazzle Makes Customizing Fun

Written by Beth Ashton, 8 December 2016
Christmas card, photo card, zazzle.com, zazzle, customize, greeting card,  add photo, blue, snowflake, snow flake, snowflakes
Photo Card retrieved from http://www.zazzle.com/photo_snowflake_christmas_card
Although I am still relatively new to Zazzle and have been using it for less than six months, I have enjoyed the experience and the tools that allow you to share your creations through social media. Need something for the holidays? You can buy your own artwork as a gift or someone else's work. Just don't create an object that uses the word beer. It will be dropped as I have learned the hard way. There are certain guidelines that help to maintain a family friendly experience. The featured image in this article is the cover of my newest project, a greeting card that can be customized with your own photo and message inside. If you would like to check it out, follow the link. http://www.zazzle.com/photo_snowflake_christmas_card Looking for other gift ideas? You can follow this link instead. http://www.zazzle.com/

Humming Bird and Peony Zazzle Art for Wedding Invitation and Thank You Cards

humming bird, peonies, card, painted, water colors
Humming Bird
My newest Zazzle Creation is a wedding invitation and thank you card using my newest water color, a humming bird hovering beside peonies. You can check them out here. My intention is to continue developing my ability to paint flowers, because my favorite wedding invitations and cards feature beautiful floral scenes. -Beth

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flourish, card, old lace, zazzle, friendship

Old Lace Friendship Card

This is the newest addition to my Zazzle shop. To create this card I began by making a floral, lace design in Adobe Illustrator. I modified the design by creating an art brush in Illustrator using a white zigzag within two white parallel borders. This became the brush stroke for the larger flowers in the lace. I then created a white scalloped center to allow a space for text. The design was enhanced by adding a green, burlap textured background and a shadow effect on the lace and center. A flower was isolated from the design as a simple flourish decoration.

Fleur De Lis iphone Case at Zazzle

This is my newest addition to zazzle.com. A faux gold fleur de lis contrasts a medieval style stone wall. I created the gold fleur de lis by adding a clipping mask to the fleur that I created in Adobe Illustrator. For the background I used altered transparency and combined images with differing textures.