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CTH-670, wacom, pumpkin, art, drawing, Halloween

Learning to Use the Wacom CTH-670 with Pumpkin Art

I bought a Wacom a few years back but never felt comfortable using it. Since that point, I lost the pen that works with it but just replaced it. I'm trying again. I have developed decent control over the mouse, but the pen has to be better. This time around, I have been more diligent about learning to adjust settings for the pen within the Wacom application. On default, the pen works quite nicely. I have an inexpensive model, the CTH-670 and am using it in Photoshop. My first experiment was the creation of this pumpkin. I intend to make more Halloween art, because Halloween is right around the corner. -Beth
CTH-670, wacom, pumpkin, art, drawing, Halloween
Pumkin Made with Wacom

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