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Slime for Grade School, The Recipe and Story of The Art

Planetary Slime, The Art and The Recipe
Planetary Slime Art
My son came home from his 4th grade class with a great marketing assignment involving the creation and marketing of a product. After a bit of debate, he settled on slime. I had to first convince him that it was not realistic to create real flying planes or gyroscopes with his limited budget, although I did propose a compromise of a pop-out and put together flying plane created on a sheet of foam. For the package design, I asked him to create art that I could incorporate into a simple printout package design. He wasn't interested in assisting, and now, he will have to do a little housework to earn my assistance, but I suppose contracting work out all ties into the assignment. The concept is "Planetary Slime" composed of elements from the earth. The final package will have a circular cut-out so the slime which will be sealed in a plastic baggy will be viewable. Before we can experiment with the next step in package design, we will need to finalize the slime recipe. At this point, he has been following YouTube recipes unsuccessfully and creating hard slime that breaks apart. The slime guy pictured in this article was created in Sketch Mobile. I haven't decided if I will incorporate the cut-out into the slime guy or have it be a separate element in the package. I'm thinking that I will shrink the guy down and make a half-dollar size cut-out beneath this. Post any feedback as a comment. UPDATE... My son changed the name of his slime to Prime Slime, and chose to create a slime blob instead of the blob guy pictured above. The recipe has since been finalized, and for the most part, the packaging has too.
Slime Pack
Slime Pack

The Slime Recipe

This is an awesome recipe that begins with 3 cups of boiling water and 1 cup of clear Elmer's glue. Once stirred and while still hot a large yellow highlighter is added with the tip pulled out to allow the color to escape into the mixture. In a separate bowl, a tablespoon of Borax and a 1/4 cup of hot water is mixed and any undissolved pieces removed. Then in the larger bowl, with the water and glue mixture after the highlighter is removed, the Borax mixture is added along with a teaspoon of fine, white glitter. Then the mixture is stirred until a perfect slime has formed. After it cools a bit, the mixture can be added to seal-able plastic baggies. Adding different types if glue will result in different results. Don't give up if the slime isn't quite right. For slime that is too sticky add additional borax solution in small amounts along with water and knead and add water until the consistency is desirable. For slime that is too dry and breaks apart too easily continue to add glue and water kneading the slime until it is just right, about a 1/4 cup at a time of glue. The slime will absorb amazing amounts of water in the process of correcting it but only add about a quarter cup at a time of water in the correction process. Too much water is sure to result in an icky, sticky mess. Beware that over exposure to Borax can also result in dry, irritated and peeling hands. Slime Made With Borax Slime Made With Borax-Beth