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Elephant, environment, craypas, tempura, art, prints

Art Using Craypas and Tempera

Elephant, environment, craypas, tempura, art, prints
At the Edge of Existence
I was recently exposed to a method of creating imagery with sharp contrast and vivid colors using tempera and craypas, also known as oil pastels. The first step was drawing and coloring in an image using a smooth, thick coat of the craypas and then painting a coat of black tempera paint on top of the craypas. By placing the dried painting over a source of light, such as a window, the image below is revealed, and strategic removal of the tempera with a scratching instrument will expose colors that appear vivid in contrast to the darker tempera. To create solid areas of rich black in the paper, leave the paper white where shadow or outlines would be instead of covering them with oil pastels. The black tempera will soak into the paper in these areas creating contrasting black lines. My example can be seen at Artpal and is available for sale as a print. http://www.artpal.com/creationcreature/#i1  

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