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Is It Worth Paying More For an Expensive Paint Brush?

brush, oil painting
Daler and Rowney #8 Gold Taklon Brush
When trying to pinch pennies, it can be tempting to reach for the cheap multi-pack discount paint brushes, and just a few weeks ago that is exactly what I did. I know that paint brush quality can have an impact on the ability to maintain a proper brush shape. It isn't unusual to pay $10 or more for a single high quality brush. Cheap bristles in inexpensive brushes are not always easy to shape into a nice tip. Without that formed tip, maintaining a smooth brush stroke is close to impossible.   By purchasing an inexpensive multi-pack of Gold Taklon brushes by Daler and Rowney with a variety of fine tips, I thought I was getting around this. The tips appeared to be of a good quality and mostly fine. I put the brushes to the test and was let down. What I wasn't anticipating was the loss of brush bristles into my canvas, and it is a mess it is to pull them out. When this happens chances are that some bristles won't be noticed until the shine is gone from the paint when it is dry, and removing them will be a challenge and could result in damage to the painting.   I switched over to a more reliable paintbrush, also a Daler and Rowney, but this was a blue handled brush and likely from an inexpensive multi-pack as well. Just goes to show that when you pay less you are taking a chance that may not be worth taking, but sometimes you can get lucky. Daler and Rowney have many great products available including a variety of high quality brushes, and I am a big fan of their inexpensive Georgian line of paint with which I have been pleased with the smoothness and high quality of the paint colors. My advice is to invest in a few nice brushes and save the multi-packs for the kids. -Beth Ashton