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Chippewa, Nokomus, dreamcatcher, legend

Illustration of the Chippewa Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Chippewa, Legend, Dreamcatcher, Dream weaver, tradition, Native American
Nokomis watches the spider.
While participating in a three day education course as part of an assignment, I chose to illustrate the beautiful, Chippewa Legend of the Dreamcatcher. I used acrylics and examined paintings and photos to build a concept of how this scene might look. although the legend mentions a window, I placed this scene in a wigwam, because I found references to wigwams but not other types of housing. Although I did not fully capture the beauty of this legend, I wanted to share my interpretation. Dreaming means much more than sleeping, and I hope this image will inspire you to look into the history of dreaming in Native American culture. I have been told that I am 1/16 Algonquin; my maternal grandmother is mostly of Native American decent. I was able to feel a connection to the idea of finding spirituality though the process  of dreaming and hope you can too. -Beth

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