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Making a Jelly Fish Using Adobe Illustrator

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Vector Jelly Fish Created in Adobe Illustrator
There is an excellent tutorial for creating a jelly fish using Adobe Illustrator at http:// design.tutsplus.com. I gave it a try and l did some learning along the way. The lesson begins with creating the initial jelly fish body and then the creation of custom brushes using the blend tool. I had not yet used the blend tool and found it to be a tool that I will be experimenting with in the future.  The detail is such that this lesson can be followed step by step, and for the novice or intermediate Adobe Illustrator user this is a great learning tool. I'll admit that my jelly fish doesn't resemble the product of this tutorial but that is completely due to my own deviation. I got excited during the lesson and was inspired to go a different route. I created a brush from several strokes of the circle blend brush and used this as trim for the legs. I researched a few different jelly fish and selected a different variety with shorter tentacles. I am including the image of my creation in the article. Check out the link to see the tutorial and the original. I really enjoyed it. -Beth

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