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Custom Art from a Photograph

Art is a Treasure

Art is invaluable when it has a deeper meaning or sentiment attached to it. By possessing a drawing of that special person, animal, or object, you have something to treasure for as long as you can preserve it. The value of a digital file is in its ability to be preserved in the cloud indefinitely. The trick is to save the file in multiple places in case the unthinkable should occur such as your cloud account is deleted or your computer becomes damaged. Another benefit of possessing a digital file, is the ability to share it with a wide audience. Digital art can be used in place of a profile photo where permitted or as a logo or a letter head shared with clients. Really, the uses are up to you.  At Creation Creatures llc, you can purchase a simple digital version of a hand drawn artwork from your photograph. Try it out if there's a drawing that you'd like to have made. Purchase a Custom Drawing
Customized Drawing Delivered Digitally