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sunflower, painting, watercolor, sunflowers, art, artpal

Newest Watercolor, Sunflowers Painted from a Plastic Flower Model

I am exploring watercolors and feel more successful today than I usually do, in part, because I used a square edged Daler and Rowney number 8 brush instead of a smaller, pointy tipped brush. This brush allowed for much more natural flow of the watercolor than I normally experience. My model was a bunch of silk sunflowers, because they are a bit easier to work with than the real ones.  Once I completed my pencil sketch, I began right away with the color and stayed put until I was finished. I know myself, and that I am very unlikely to revisit a work, because I will not be happy with it later. Here it is. Let me know what you think if you want to. http://www.artpal.com/creationcreature/?i=53048-13
sunflower, painting, watercolor, sunflowers, art, artpal
Windy Day by Beth Ashton October 19, 2016

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