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Pigs Fly…@ Creation Creatures, A Short HTML5 Movie Created by Beth at Animatron

If you haven't already heard,  flash will be on its way out when pigs fly and html5 animation will be in. I thought it would never happen, but It just did. I did some experimenting today at www.animatron.com and loved it. Of course animating can be a little tricky to figure out if you don't animate frequently, like myself, but there are plenty of tutorials and blogs out there to get you through it. Nothing beats trial and error with a few great YouTube videos and help tutorials. I was inspired to check html5 out after spending a significant amount of time creating a flash video in Adobe Animate that did not work upon completion. Not only did it not work, but I also had a very difficult time determining how to export my project. Most sites won't allow flash to be uploaded and the conversion to html canvas enabled in Adobe Animate was messy. The converted file had errors and required modifications that I am not capable of making even after hours of tutorials. It may be my learning curve, but even so, in significantly less time than I invested into Adobe Animate, I was able to produce a functional html video in Animatron. Needless to say, I don't plan on investing anymore time creating fruitless projects in Adobe Animate, however I can't credit Adobe enough for the greatness of Adobe Illustrator. The pig in this project was generated in Adobe Illustrator from a few simple drawings and brushes that I quickly created and used to apply texture. I created separate wings, body, leg, mouth, and ear and used them with minor variations to create 6 PNG images that I uploaded into Animatron to create the Pigs Fly project. I also imported a bubble from a bubble brush that I created in Illustrator and that is available for download at http:creationcreatures.com. Adobe Illustrator has required me to watch a few tutorials along the way also, but they were worth it. I will be combining Adobe Illustrator with html5 in my next animation projects in Animatron.  

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