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Explorations in Creating Art

Creating Art

  What makes Art something special? I have been exploring mediums and styles to find the answer. Ideally, Art is something that others can appreciate, and I am still trying to discover the secret. At least I was until just recently, when it struck me that my best work is produced when the subject has a special meaning for me. If my work resonate's with others, all the better. Of the images below, "The Bird" was made at the suggestion of another. "The Lady in Ink" was a doodle made on an envelope during a work class that I was attending. I have become stuck on "The Bird" and have yet to complete this painting. -Beth The Lady in Ink Lady in Ink on a Tote Bag
bird, Robbin, cute bird, acrylic painting of a bird
The Bird
ink drawing, classic lady, lady in a dress, lady wearing a hat, dress and hat, blue ink, highlighter, blue and yellow
Lady in Ink

Blues Art in Progress May 9th

Blues Art Update May 9th
Blues Art Update May 9th
Today I was able to spend a little more time on Billie and to begin creating the background. Most of the notes were painted with a dark green and will be transformed into the lake. The sky has been painted as well as a layer of trees over it. I lost the natural light that I was relying on to gauge my color usage so work I will discontinue for tonight. I will pick back up with Billie. -Beth

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Blues Inspired Art in Progress

Acrylic Painting in Progress
Acrylic Painting in Progress
20160418_120204 Today I began painting a blues inspired work using acrylics. Progress was slow, but I won't be satisfied with the result unless I take my time. The theme is blues greats drowning in music and liquor. The scene includes a row-boat, lake, catfish, dock, bottle of whiskey, Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson, and Charlie Parker. A lot more work is left to do.